McDonald wanted to reach the South Asians, the most affluent market in the US., in their native language while maintaining intent, style, tone, and context. Shor Media's creative team developed a humorous radio script that also carried a professional message. LISTEN TO THE RADIO AD

Shosr Media strategized media buying across all South Asian Radio stations in the U.S.

Results: +40X Brand Awareness | +15x Brand Recall

7E Wellness

7E Wellness offers elite at-home and professional-grade microcurrent devices. For Mother's day, 7E Wellness aspired to grow its social media community, build brand relevancy, and design a powerful digital Mother's Day campaign. Shor media designed the #Mother2Mother campaign where mothers gave words of encouragement to each other. Sometimes people just want to feel connected. During the global Pandemic, the 7E Wellness campaign empathized with homebound moms around the world with a simple emotional video spot that captures the everyday moments at home.

Results: +569% Reach | +71% Follower Count

Diljit Dosanjh

In recent years, out-of-home (OOH) advertising has evolved into a true performance marketing powerhouse. Singer and actor Diljit Dosanjh reached out to Shor Media for OOH brand positioning and awareness of his G.O.A.T album. Shor Media worked with Diljit to plan, buy and optimize his digital OOH media campaigns to drive awareness. Diljit became the first Punjabi artist featured on New York Times Square billboards. Diljit's New York Times Square billboard campaign went viral, and several media outlets reported on Diljit's crossover.

Tea India

Tea India saw an influx of web and social traffic on its platforms during the Pandemic. The brand required engaging content that reflected the day-to-day chai moments of homebound people. Shor Media designed a series of Chai Moments videos with influencers for Tea India.

Results: +25,000 video views | +300% engagement


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