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As a Shor Creator, you get access to - (1) Exclusive invites to Shor Media's concerts and events, (2) A network of over 1K brands, including collaboration opportunities, (3) creator workshops to help you create content, build community, and monetize, (4) and a chance to get featured on South Asian media channels (radio, print, & online)

Creator Networking Events

No Strings Attached! We are not in the business of having you join a program. Being a part of Shor means having fun at our events, doing business with global brands, and working alongside industry-leading Creators.

Creator Growth

We are here to help you grow! As an insider, you will get access to the most robust educational and consulting services. You have a chance to meet industry leaders, mentorship opportunities, and access to a monetization playbook.


Become Shor Media Creator Insider